Minnetonka is governed by a city council, with the mayor presiding over meetings. A variety of boards and commissions support and advise the city council. The city manager oversees day-to-day city operations, executing the decisions of the city council through the city’s departments and staff. The city code of ordinances is the codification of the decisions councils have made over the years about how the city should be run.

Every effort is made to make these decisions open to the public: this is your government. A number of resources are available to help you understand how the city is governed, what decisions are being made, and how you can participate in that process.

City code of ordinances

Access the online version of the city code as well as the city charter. Learn more about the city code.

City council and mayor

Find more details on how the city council makes decisions for Minnetonka. You can also find information on city council procedures that allow you to participate in that decision-making process. Learn more about the city council and mayor.

City manager

Find information on the city manager’s role in Minnetonka’s council-manager form of government. Learn more about the city manager.

Boards and commissions

Learn about the various groups that advise the city council, including the planning commission, park board, economic development authority, and more. You can also find information about the members and staff liaisons for many of the boards and commissions. Learn more about the boards and commissions.

Who else represents me?

Want to learn more about the mayor and the members of the city council? Looking for information about your representatives at the county, state, and federal level? Those details are available here. If you ever wanted to find a map of your legislative district, senate district or congressional district, you can find those here as well. Learn more about who represents you.


Find information on the city of Minnetonka’s election procedures. Learn more about elections.

Finance and budget

Explore details on the city of Minnetonka’s finance and budget. Learn more about finance and budget.

City operations

Find information on the city of Minnetonka’s operations, including details on city departments, contacts and locations, records and data practices and insurance claims. Learn more about city operations.