Tasteful in Every Way

Elegant. Exceptional. Expertly prepared. Our skilled chefs will work with you to craft the perfect meal to complement your celebration.


Love food? Love learning about what went into your meal? Ever wanted to try your hand at cooking some tasty meals yourself?

Earle Brown Heritage Center is pleased to present The Chef Experience; a tasting club where you’ll get to sample gourmet food, engage the chefs who made it and, thanks to an e-newsletter, test out recipes and cooking tricks in your kitchen. It’s a delicious way to experience what it’s like to be a chef.

Click here to learn more about the club, receive tips and tricks in your email inbox and try out The Chef Experience for yourself.

The Value of Earle Brown

Every wedding at Earle Brown Heritage Center is special and unique. Whether large or small, our experienced staff can help you put together the perfect package to meet your needs. Please fill out the form below and we’ll send you our pricing sheet and food and beverage minimums for our space options.

Love at First Bite

At Earle Brown Heritage Center, we’re committed to local, sustainable food to ensure every ingredient in our kitchen meets the highest standards of quality. In support of that position, we are committed to:

  • Buying local products to support family farms
  • Serving seafood that comes from sustainable sources
  • Promoting Certified Humane cage-free eggs
  • Purchasing poultry produced without the routine use of human antibiotics
  • Providing milk that is free of artificial growth hormones
  • Implementing waste reduction practices to minimize environmental impact
  • Offering packaging made from renewable resources
  • Featuring social and ecological certified coffee

From the first day we meet to the day of your event, you will receive personal attention from a designated member of our experienced catering staff. Every detail will be tended to meticulously and thoroughly. Our expertise and resources allow us to offer a full range of services unmatched by any other venue.

With made-from-scratch cuisine and an expertly trained service staff, you’ll fall in love with our food after just one bite.

Browse through our menu or call us at 763.569.6300 to start planning your perfect wedding today.


Our commitment to sustainable food, paired with the vision for your wedding, sets the tone for a truly memorable — and delicious — day.